Youth Power

GLOW Association, with the support of its partners, is implementing an international Erasmus+ Project named Youth Power, Project No: 2020-3-ES02-KA205-016252, that aims to apply a comprehensive approach providing networking opportunities, practical and transversal skills, and exchange of methodologies for the empowerment of young people in disadvantaged situation, assisting and facilitating their inclusion into the EU societies.

The Youth Power project is based on the practices that using the civics and culture, and especially the benefits of group coaching, could help to bring people from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds together and can contribute to the integration and inclusion of disadvantaged young people and therefore to the community cohesion.

The partner consortium brings together 4 organisations from Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany and Spain, each of them with specific expertise in the youth education field. The Alpha Centre from Spain is the project leader, and the other partners are BIDA e.V., Germany; GLOW Association, Bulgaria; and Europe House Slavonski Brod, Croatia.

The project duration is 18 months, calculated in order to implement correctly the planned action and achieve the project objectives. During the past year, the main activities that project consortium has implemented were the development of the Training Programme “Culture, Civics & Group Coaching for Disadvantaged Youth Empowerment” for youth educators in 5 languages and the blended mobility held in Bulgaria where 24 young participants and youth workers from the partners' countries have exchanged knowledge and jointly worked to develop the planned training units.

Project Outputs and activities:

Blended mobility - In July 2021 gathered 24 young people from the partner countries in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria to exchange good practices and to design the training programme's units.

Training Programme “Culture, Civics & Group Coaching for Disadvantaged Youth Empowerment” - intensive programme that assists disadvantaged young people to develop soft skills, key competences, civic knowledge, at the same time empowering them and motivating their civic engagement and participation in the society. The program was pilot tested in Bulgaria with 32 young people in April 2022. Available in Bulgarian, English, Spanish, German and Croatian.

Multiplier event took place in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria in the end of July 2022. 50 volunteers and more than 400 citizens took part in the event around the town.

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Gender Training Seminar for Youth Workers

The partner countries of this project are Bulgaria, Italy, UK, Spain, Tunisia and Turkey.

Its aims and objectives are:

  • To make positive and long-lasting improvements for the participating organizations, for the policy systems in which such actions are framed, as well as for the people directly or indirectly involved in the organized activities.
  • To enhance youth worker’s knowledge and skills concerning gender equality, so that they are able to apply them within the frame of their own organizations, and transfer the learnt lessons to the local community from a European, transnational perspective.

Partner organizations:

Dates of the seminar: 02.01.2015-09.01.2015

Place of realization: Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

The seminar in the media:

National Television BNT

Radio Veliko Tarnovo

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It's early for me

Проект "Рано ми е" се провежда в рамките на национален проект "Младежки клубове по равнопоставеност: сексуалното образование на младите хора в борба с ранните бракове, джендър стереотипите и насилието" с водеща организация: Български фонд за жените, с финансовата подкрепа на TELUS International Europe.


Проектът е насочен към младежи между 14 и 19 години и цели да повиши тяхната информираност по темите на сексуалното здраве и репродуктивните права.


- Обучение - Обучение за фасилитаторите на инициативите бе реализирано в началото на м. Октомври 2016 по горепосочените теми. В последствие всички участници планираха кампания по темата, в която да включат други връстници в града, в който живеят. Целта на проекта ще бъде да използват получените знания и да популяризират важността им сред връстниците си.

- Кампания "Рано ми е" се реализира в населени места от цялата страна. Инициативите на Сдружение "ГЛОУ" в рамките проекта ще се проведат паралелно във Велито Търново и Смолян на 16.11.2016г..

Координатор: Теодора Стоянова (18 години) - Велико Търново и представител за Смолян - Неда Шишманова

Фасилитатор: Маргита Колчева

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Be On Time

Thursday, January 15th 2015, was launched at FORTES Youth Center from Ramnicu Sarat, the project Be On Time – Project About Time Understanding and efficiency in youth work (Be On Time), no. : 2014-3-RO01-KA105-013301, financed with 38,068.00 euro, through European Comission’s Erasmus + Programme, key action 1.

The project was implemented between January 15th 2015 - January 15th 2016.

This project, in wich are involved six europen NGOs (România – ATCE Speranța Râmniceană, Italy – Eufemia, Turkey – E-Genclik, Bulgaria – GLOW, Poland – TMD 2000 and Slovenia – TD Zetale), has proposed to form responsible, punctual, experienced, youths and youth workers, stimulating cultural awareness on time perception with the purpose of understanding and accepting cultural diversity within EU and fostering social inclusion and European cohesion.

Objectives of the project are:

1. Developing time management abilities of the 24 participants (yoth workers) at the training course by learn of innovative and creative methods in organizing of time and resources of promoters during training activities.

2. Facilitating the development of practical skills of time management in the organization of events and working in multicultural teams, for the 36 participants in the youth exchange of Râmnicu Sarat, with the methods and tools experimented before in the training course and used by promoters, in the form of performances / street activities implemented in aim to promote active citizenship and social cohesion.

3. Development of competencies related to the management of conflict situations, ignorance or misunderstanding linked to the peculiarities and stereotypes that refer to different perceptions of time in diverse cultures, for the target groups, workers and young people from six European youth organizations during the activities.

4. Creating the framework to stimulate intercultural dialogue for both target groups, representatives of the six European youth organizations during the two activities (training and exchange) through the use of IT and web tools such as: blog, facebook, tweeter.

5. Improving organizational management and the quality of educational programs dedicated to youth, for the six partner NGOs, by transferability of results in organizations.

6. Increasing the visibility of non-formal education for 350 nationals in the host community and for 500 partners case, by promoting civic engagement by means of street animation and non-formal tools, during nine days in the context of youth exchanges and follow-up activities.

The activities will be implemented in three steps:

First main activity, the training course will take place in Ramnicu Sarat, Romania, 20 - 29 of April 2015, with a target group of 24 youth workers, personnel of promoter organizations, respecting gender equality; - Local youth activities: piloting of previous experience in organizations by implementing a set of activities implemented using non-formal education methods and tools;

The youth exchange, that will take place in Ramnicu Sarat, Romania, 08 of August - 17 of August 2015, with a target group of 30 young people and 6 group leaders, considering gender balance. During both main activities, training course and youth exchange, will be used non-formal education methods as: get-to-know-each-other and socializing games, media & social media campaigns, street animations, PhotoVoice, workshops, forum theatre, intercultural evenings, world café, flash-mob, energizers, evaluations and self-evaluations.

Coordinating organization: Asociația de Tineret, Cultură și Educație Speranța Râmniceană – România.


  • Girl Leading Our World Association (GLOW) – Bulgaria;
  • E-genclik Association – Turkey;
  • Asociazione Culturale Eufemia – Italy;
  • TDM2000 Polska – Poland;
  • Turisticno Drustovo Zetale (TDM Zetale) – Slovenia.

For further questions and details: - ATCE Speranța Râmniceană:, tel./fax 0238563169 - Mateevici Volodea, President:, tel. 0763246068 - Marius Neculae,

Project manager:, tel. 0761539848 - Grozea Giorgiana, Communication officer : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">

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RISE-Research and Inclusion for Sustainable Employability

Project duration: 01.02.2015-01.02.2016

RISE-Research and Inclusion for Sustainable Employability is a multicultural project which includes a training course and a youth exchange, having a partnership of 7 countries manifesting problems in the employability area: Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Malta, Romania, Spain and Portugal.

The first stage of the project, the training course, involves a number of 21 youth workers over 18 years, and it will take place during 7 days of activities in Ramnicu Sarat, Romania, between 30 March-6 April 2015.The project will continue with a youth exchange, also implemented in Ramnicu Sarat, having 28 participants aged between 16-24 years, accompanied by 7 group leaders, between 19 July- 27 July 2015. The activities and the methods used in the training will be formal and non-formal: ice-breakers , workshops, interactive presentations, seminars, role play games, open space, speed dating, public speaking, job interview simulation, developing own business plan after learning methods, debate. The activities and the methods used in the youth exchange will be non-formal, continuing those of the training course: ice-breakers, get to know each-other and team-building games, workshops on different professional creation areas (music, photography, handmade, gastronomy, ICT competences), role-play game, photo voice, interactive presentations, free discussions, speed dating.

Project aim: The aim of the project is to improve the level of key competences and skills of the 21 youth workers and 35 youngsters coming from the promoter countries, such as digital skills, entrepreneurship, intercultural awareness and communication, by using various types of non-formal instruments, in order to be suitable for the labor market.


  • O.1 -Increasing the level of expertise of the 21 youth workers coming from Romania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Malta, Spain and Portugal, towards guiding youngsters in career, using formal, non-formal methods and instruments, during the 7 days of activities of training.
  • O.2 -Developing employability and entrepreneurship competences for the 35 participants (target group no.2) of the youth exchange from Ramnicu Sarat, in order to be adaptable for the labour market.
  • O.3 -Raising the level of the organizational capacity by training the 21 youth workers (target group no.1) in the course held in Ramnicu Sarat.
  • O.4 -Raising the awareness level of the employment opportunities for target group no.2, using non-formal methods and instruments, during 7 days of activities in the youth exchange.
  • O.5 -Developing ICT basic competences of the both target groups, subservient in the entrepreneurship and employability area, during the two main activities of the project.
  • O.6 -Enhancing the intercultural dialogue by the help of both target groups, in order to consolidate an European education based on diversity, during the implementation of the project. Our objectives are created according to the objectives and priorities and their purpose is to contribute at the progress of youngsters, according to the Europe Strategy 2020.


  • Bulgaria: GLOW Association
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Youth Centre "Kosmos"
  • Macedonia: Pel – Association for progress, education and lobbying
  • Malta: Active Youth
  • Spain: Federación de Casas de Juventud de la Comunidad Valenciana
  • Portugal: ProAtlântico - Associação Juvenil

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