Reach your full, glowing potential

A unique seven-day experience, aimed at girls who are motivated to grow personally and meet other inspiring girls.

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Objectives ⸺

Raising awareness about prominent issues

Critical thinking, awareness, and problem solving are qualities which lie at the heart of strong leadership. Throughout the Academy, various activities stimulate the girls to think, plan, and ask questions to understand wholistically a range of topics, such as education, women’s rights, the media, the environment, diversity, and many more.

Promoting personal development

By reflecting on issues ranging from identity and self esteem to values and decision making, we encourage the girls to meet and understand the leader in them. We empower these young women to set goals and be in control of their personal growth.

Increasing civic engagement

We encourage active citizenship essential for leaders by engaging the girls with European and human values both in theory and practice through a day-long social project. Debates, discussions, role-playing, and case-studies prompt the girls to formulate their own opinions and nurture a sense of responsibility for their communities.

Empowering young women to set goals, be in control of their growth and reach their full, glowing potential.

Educational methods ⸺

The Leadership Academy is based on the “peers teach peers” informal learning method.

This means that every year, the Academy is organised by a team of young Bulgarian women. These GLOW alumni exhibit exceptional teamwork, commitment, and motivation by volunteering their time and energy to work with our NGO. We owe the zeal of the GLOW spirit to this “peer to peer” interaction which lies at the heart of how GLOW is run.

In the months leading up to the academy, they continue their personal development and enhance their leadership skills through a series of trainings. In the meantime they prepare most of the various sessions and workshops that are to take place during the academy.

Testimonials ⸺

"The most fruitful week of my life."



"I've never felt more accepted, happy and at home"

Hristina Aleksieva


"Joy, friendships, hard work, knowledge, excitement"

Tsvetelina Dzhonova


"Don't think twice"

Nihal Niyazieva


"The Academy graduates are citizens of the world"

Kristabel Luccia Kontá - Lerman


"More than just a leadership academy"

Angelina Arnaudova


Team ⸺

The Staff Team consists of girls who have already graduated from the Academy and are returning as team coordinators. They can take the role of JCs, Cs and Volunteers.

Meet the staff


The JCs or Junior Counselors are girls who return as GLOW staff members for the first time. Together with another JC or a C they form a team, responsible for the organisation of the main activities happening during LA GLOW, as well as the supervision of a team of campers during the Academy.


The Cs or Counselors are girls who have been GLOW staff members for two or three years. Together with a JC they form a team, responsible for the organisation of the main activities happening during LA GLOW, as well as the supervision of a team of campers during the Academy.


The Volunteers are usually girls returning as Staff members for the first time after they have graduated as campers, as well. The role of the volunteer consists again of organisation of activities as well assistance of the staff members during the academy. They are also responsible for the GLOW Shop.

The Sustainability Team is formed by girls who have already been Staff members and, based on their extensive experience, are now responsible for the sustainable development of the organisation. The Sustainability team is divided into Public relations team and Program team.

Meet the sustainability team

Public relations team

The Public Relations Team is in charge of maintaining the GLOW website, product development and logistics related to the GLOW shop, managing the GLOW’s social media accounts, as well as any collaborations with partner organisations and arrangement of alumni gatherings.

Program team

The Program Team is responsible for the planning and organisation of the activities occurring during the Academy and training and developing the Staff Team. They also make sure the information taught during the Academy is up-to-date and relevant for the girls attending LA GLOW.

Nominations ⸺

Think you found a match for us? If you are a GLOW alumna or work with young, motivated girls who:

  • • are between 14 and 17 years old
  • • currently live in Bulgaria
  • • speak English

You should nominate her for Leadership Academy GLOW!

By highlighting her leadership potential, your recommendation will increase her likelihood of being admitted to the academy. + add email/age/name
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