Through the years

Camp GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) began in Romania in 1995 as an initiative by Peace Corps volunteers to address the emotional and educational needs of adolescent girls. The initial aim of GLOW was to inform teenage girls on topics such as sexual health, eating disorders, drug abuse, and domestic violence as well as to give them an appropriate platform and convenient environment to share their thoughts and raise their concerns.

In 2000 Bulgaria started its own camp GLOW in Velingrad. During the years, GLOW has been constantly developing and it has been considered to be as one successful project with promising future. Due to this fact, in 2004 in order to increase the camps sustainability the Non-Governmental Organization GLOW was created in VelikoTarnovo, Bulgaria. GLOW is a female run and oriented NGO which continues its mission to educate and empower Bulgarian girls, helping them fulfill their potential as future leaders. Association GLOW is working with cooperation with the European information centre in VelikoTarnovo.

In 2011 the former Camp GLOW has been transformed into GLOW Leadership Academy.