About the Academy

Leadership Academy GLOW is a seven-day experience that is aimed at helping young Bulgarian girls reach and explore their potential as future leaders. The Academy aides in their development by engaging them in various topics, such as identity, teamwork, self-esteem, decision making, civic responsibility, European citizenship, business skills and many others in ways that allow the young women to form their own knowledge. The Academy, conducted completely in English, utilizes a wide array of interactive means like activities, games, simulations, discussion groups, workshops, a community service day and guest speakers to stimulate the girls into action. The most important is that the academy is based on the informal learning method “peers teach peers”, which means that its staff consists of young Bulgaria women, ex-participants in the academy, who showed great leadership and team work skills, commitment and motivation to work for the NGO as volunteers. These girls pass through several trainings for increasing their presentations skills and for improving their knowledge of the subjects to be discussed.

Leadership Academy GLOW gives the young women the opportunity to identify and develop skills, demonstrate their strengths, and increase their knowledge of current issues, and nurture self-confidence, so that they are able to make valuable contributions to their own communities.


The objectives of Leadership Academy GLOW are increasing young Bulgarian women’s civic engagement, fostering self esteem, leadership skills, communication skills, goal-setting and decision making abilities as well as increasing their awareness about current issues such as drug abuse, sexual health, eating disorders and the dangers of human trafficking which effect them, internet privacy, self-defence, etc.